Mud Bog

Competition Bog

Registration at 11:00AM
Mud Flies at noon
$25.00 entry Fee per class

Free Style/ Open Bog

To follow after competiton
$20.00 entry fee (Only if you did not compete)

Bog Classes

  1. Street stock tire to 36”
  2. 33” to 36” dot tire
  3. 38” to 40” dot tire
  4. 44” dot tire
  5. AG tire
  6. Open class; mod any tire, nos, alcohol (classes2-6) headers, carb, intake, cams all ok)

Classes 1-6 trophy only: To the first 3 placing

Open to any one interested in playing in the mud! Save environment, no alcohol allowed while driving in the bog, recovery available

Guartanteed Mud!! and a good time!!!

Spectator Admission: Adults & kids over 8 - $5.00
Kids under 8 - Free

Powder Puff Run

Street class & open class

$25.00 Entry Fee
Trophy given to the fastest in each class

Under 16 must be accompanied with a registered driver at all times. Must show valid driver license to run. Absolutely no exceptions!!